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Leaders of Organizations: You're already a successful entrepreneur. But when something's not working, you know it's up to you to fix it. You want to INCREASE the size and REVENUE of your business. You might be experiencing "people problems" -- with your team, your clients, or customers. Many of our clients are business owners at the top of the organizational chart with nobody to answer to and nobody to brainstorm with. They come to us because:

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Solo Entrepreneurs: you're in a helping or individualized service profession. You're thinking of going into private practice, or wondering about getting out of the "insurance game." You want to gain confidence in managing your marketing, adjusting rates/fees, and getting into new ventures. Practical, no nonsense advice or coaching for professionals. This down to earth coaching features step by step strategies on all aspects of listening well to clients, including understanding nuances of …

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Getting real about the tough discussions: it can be hard to say what needs to be said. Whether you're in business, dealing with family inheritance or wealth maintenance, or simply need to do better with what you have--most conversations about money tend to be awkward. But they don't need to be. Many people are too embarrassed to ask for help in sorting through their feelings. High Net Worth individuals may suffer double stigma, since their problems are caused by wealth, which supposedly …

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