Small Business Development

Practical, No Nonsense Coaching and Consulting

Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Professionals.

Our down to earth coaching features step by step strategies for all aspects of listening well to clients and others, including understanding nuances of language, tone and body language so you can get a better, more accurate reading of what people really want.

  • When you have questions about how to how to work better (or more successfully) with clients, colleagues and staff.
  • When your client feels understood and listened to, you will close more deals, create more long term relationships, and get more referrals.
  • When you’re considering changing your rates, or changing policies
  • If you’re thinking of going into private practice, or wondering about getting out of the “insurance game.”
  • When you want to gain confidence in managing your marketing and getting into new ventures

One Conversation at a Time

Each client conversation is crucial to your relationship with them. Even when you’re the very best at what you do, you still want to improve in order to stay on top. It always makes sense to continue to develop and sharpen excellent people skills,

Because Trust Matters

Research shows most professionals overestimate how much their clients actually trust them. You may have your clients’ absolute trust, but it is essential to be sure and not let up on your efforts to preserve their loyalty. A few simple tweaks may markedly improve clients’ perceptions of your value.

Maybe you already know what to do, but you can’t seem to make it happen consistently or predictably. Contact us for help making it happen.