You’re passionate about growing your business.
You want to get comfortable talking about money and deal with people more effectively.
We know how; we’ll show you!

Getting started

We begin with questions. We listen carefully to what leaders most want to achieve. Then, by applying our highly developed expertise and proven methodology, we define the challenge, identify the options, and develop plans that deliver results.

Birke Consulting

is not a one-size-fits-all practice, doesn’t try to wow you with lots of the latest unproven concepts. We assume that consulting is a joint project with two experts – you know your business, we know behavior.

Szifra (“SHifra”), the practice’s principal consultant, is straightforward and positive – no mumbo jumbo language, plenty of practical ideas, basic tools you can use again and again – and an upbeat attitude to accompany the hard work.

Clients call Szifra “damn good,” “right on target,” “fun to work with,” and “a persistent pain in the butt – just what I needed.”

What you’ll get

You’ll start to improve something major as you look at the little things. You’ll feel your work and your team (along with your profitability and efficiency) moving out of status quo and into “gung-ho!” Because you are a life-long learner, you will master the latest science around changing behavior, influence your team in a positive way, and use the communication tools that will make a difference.

Explore our services.

Read and listen to our ideas.

Consider current and past client feedback.