Conversations About Money

It is Often Hard to Say What Needs to be Said

Whether you’re building a business, dealing with family inheritance or maintaining the wealth you already have—conversations about money can be awkward. But it is possible to make joint decisions about money, to discuss finances, and to effectively communicate about your concerns and hopes much more comfortably and effectively.

Getting helpful strategies to sort through your feelings and to communicate clearly and cleanly with other people can be pretty straightforward. High Net Worth individuals may suffer double stigma. Wealth can cause its own problems and be quite complicated. We can help.

We coach key personnel, train teams, and work with people of wealth on dealing effectively with the emotions raised by money issues.   Our clients include:

  • Financial Planners and Wealth Advisors who want to understand their clients’ relationship with money in order to be more effective at really helping and/or getting buy in for key recommendations
  • Therapists and other helping professionals who aren’t making a reasonable living, but can’t raise fees or drop insurance
  • Dental hygienists who need to recommend treatment but don’t because they’re uncomfortable, “It costs too much”
  • Lawyers, paralegals and their teams who need to ask for retainers or cite their fee
  • Front desk personnel at dental, law and medical offices
  • Artists and yoga teachers who are “allergic” to money conversations
  • Other small business owners, whose teams won’t suggest additional offerings

Money conversations can be uncomfortable. We know that many people tend to avoid dealing with or talking about money, can feel intimidated by wealth, worry about “selling,” etc.

When people understand more about how and where their own “money stuff” gets in the way, they can interact more comfortably, can help more people  become patients and customers, and find even better solutions for clients and their families.

When we get more comfortable,
formerly awkward conversations no longer feel awkward.

There Are Practical Ways to Help
Make Money Conversations Less Stressful


Contact us to get assistance having tough talks with family, friends, co-workers, or with yourself. Money is a tool. You don’t have to be afraid anymore.