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Jay Livingston

Jay Livingston is a dedicated student of change with an avid interest in bringing the most straightforward and effective ideas to his clients. During his thirty-plus years of experience in Coaching he has helped his clients implement an impressive array of approaches to countless difficult issues, both professional and personal.

He has an MA in counseling psychology along with extensive knowledge and experience of how to build organizational culture and systems, create actionable plans, train and retain key employees and develop useful communication skills that solve interpersonal problems.

Jay’s clients include high powered individuals, successful professional practices, service providers, highly motivated sales professionals, non-profit organizations and performing artists. His consulting has brought value to businesses ranging from single individuals to multimillion-dollar corporations.

In the 70s, an early project of Jay’s was praised as one of the best examples in the country of adult education empowering people. Since then his clients have included well-known names in the fields of financial investing, professional sports, entertainment corporations, writing, and the performing arts. His media appearances include PBS’s NOVA and local radio and television.

Jay’s career path has also included periods as a therapist, Director of Development at a Harvard affiliated research hospital, behaviorist to difficult dogs, graduate level academic evaluator, news photographer, certified Master Mechanic, prize-winning boat builder, licensed sailboat delivery captain, finished carpenter and pioneer in emergency medical response, to name a few.

He is an enthusiastic reader and self-learner who enjoys challenging ideas and new discoveries as much as he enjoys ice cream and multigrain chips. Fortunately he can indulge himself in the former as much as he wishes.

Jay is a two time PHRF New England and Mass Bay sailing champion, and a trainer and coach of championship sailing crews. He coaches amateur athletes in the psychology of practice, competition and the development of new habits and skills. He blogs at LaserSailingNotes.com. Jay is also a fitness and event bicyclist and an ultralight backpacker.