Professional Partners

When you work with Szifra Birke you gain the benefit of her network of colleagues; professionals who expand and complement Szifra’s expertise and offer you access to proven specialists in fields like Training and Motivating Teams, Non-Profit Board Training, Couples Coaching, Habit Change, Getting Organized, (using Getting Things Done and other models), Health Coaching, Mindfulness Stress reduction, Marketing, Writing and rewriting newsletters and other client communication, and more.

Jay Livingston

Szifra and Jay Livingston (of Livingston Services) often work as a team to offer a wider range of expertise to professional practices and small-business management teams. In addition Szifra and Jay offer presentations and trainings for teams and organizations. For more on Jay Livingston’s expertise in the science of professional and personal change, team building, hiring, creating language that works in business, explore Livingston Services.

Sarah Reiff-Hekking

Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking of True Focus Coaching works closely with Szifra and brings a wealth of experience in personal, professional, and health and wellness coaching to individuals and groups. Sarah adds additional depth to Szifra’s resources for adults with attention difficulties and the specifics of organizing both work and personal life. She is also an accomplished leader of mindfulness groups for stress reduction. Visit True Focus Coaching

Cerulli and Associates

Szifra is an associate of Theresa Cerulli, M.D and the rest of the team at Cerulli and Associates of North Andover MA. The collaboration of these professionals provides a comprehensive menu of services to adults with ADHD and related issues. Options include therapy, testing, tutoring, CogMed, and substance abuse treatment.