The Psychology of Wealth: Understand Your Relationship with Money and Achieve Prosperity

Szifra  is quoted in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller.

by Charles Richards, Ph.D

Publication Date: January 17, 2012
McGraw-Hill Publisher

The Psychology of WealthPsychologist and wealth counselor Szifra Birke observes, “Money tends not to solve personal problems; money solves money problems.” Birke also reports that many financially wealthy people are actually burdened by a vague sense that they don’t deserve what they have. Our view of our worthiness seems to hinge in part on how we came by our financial gains and whether we have worked for them in incremental steps. Feelings of unworthiness are especially common in folks who suddenly or unexpectedly come into a large sum of money, such as through an inheritance (or, as we’ve seen, through a lottery win). They commonly experience “sudden wealth syndrome”; with the acquisition of financial riches, they feel lost and overwhelmed.

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